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Doris Perrin

Business Manager



Doris Perrin is an international businesswoman with decades of experience as a business manager and entrepreneur. As a native of Frankfurt Germany, Mrs. Perrin has unique executive experience, where she was employed by a multi-billion dollar company and served on various luxury projects including 5 Star hotels, resorts, and conference centers. Since coming to America, Mrs. Perri has worked as a paralegal concerning personal injury, real estate, simple wills, probate, and civil suits. In North Carolina, Doris further expanded her business acumen as an executive administrator of Hatteras Yachts, one of the largest yacht builders in the state. Later, she assumed a role for 10 years as a Financial Controller at Brooks Company. Mrs. Perrin capitalized on her expansive knowledge of providing the ultimate experience for companies and their clients, she subsequently obtained a Ph.D. in Cruiseology. With her vast experience and advanced education, Mrs. Perrin and her husband launched their own businesses. Their entrepreneur services include a Cruise Line Agency, Promotional Products, and Advertising Specialities. Mrs. Perrin provides promotional services for Business Development and Consultants Group, LLC., which supports the work an consultation services provided by the entire BDCG team.

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