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Out of the BILLIONS of dollars given each year, African-Americans only receive 4% of all grants and contributions. This fact along with the numerous requests for grant writing assistance prompted the visionary, Dr. Rhonika Thomas, to gather seven of the best grant writers in the nation to co-author a twenty-first-century grant writing book.


With over 100 years of combined knowledge and more than one billion dollars in grant awards written, this collaboration made HISTORY as the first of its kind to be co-authored by an all African-American grant writers. 


The Blacks in Nonprofits Grant Writers Edition is designed to make a difference. A portion from book sales provide scholarships for black-led nonprofit organizations and also changes the narrative of how much black-led NPO's receive in grant funding. 

Purchase your copy today in support of black-owned businesses and nonprofits that primarily meet the needs of black communities throughout the nation.

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