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  Elisha Thomas is a bright innovative sophomore at Simon G. Atkins Academic & Technology High School.  With a declared major in Digital Design, Elisha is skillful with Adobe Photoshop and 3DS Max software programs. His experience affords him the ability to create vector images for logo designs and graphic illustrations. Elisha’s digital training in 3D modeling, animation, and image texture techniques. This young man has consistently been an ardent volunteer in his community by assisting Non-Profit organizations Propel Forward Incorporated and Samaritans ministries in outreach programs. He also has a global perspective of service and has done journal creation and package preparation for young women in Kenya Africa, he also serves as an assistant photographer and videographer for M & F Enterprise. As a member of Generation Z society, Elisha is an Intern with the Business Development and Consultants Group, LLC working as an audio editor, social media technician, and technology assistant. 

Elisha Michael Thomas
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