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Grant Writing Services

Is your Nonprofit in financial trouble? Well, Michael and Faith can help! 

 Annually it’s been reported over $50 Billion dollars in grant funds are awarded throughout the United States of America. Knowing where and how to access these funds can be achieved with an experienced and competent grant writer.  

Funding needs such as money for new staff salaries, leasing a location, purchasing equipment, building renovations, leadership training, and technical support are just a few categories of which grant money is available. The Business

Development & Consultants Group, LLC (BDCG) has over 30 years of grant writing experience and has procured over $300 million in grant funds. As members of the BDCG team, Michael and Faith are well equipped to support all of your grant writing needs. At an incredibly affordable hourly rate, this BDCG team will provide several services: 

  1. Conduct an evaluation of your organization and assess the level of grant funding the NPO is positioned to receive. 

  2. Identify the number of grant writing hours required to submit quality proposals. 

  3. Locate a minimum of 3 grant funding sources that match the mission and objectives of your organization.  

  4. Provide a quote of the cost to prepare and submit requests for proposals (billing will not exceed 1 hour of the identified writing hours of # 2 for all three sources matched in #4) 

  5. Deliver on the promise of a credible and well-written grant proposals Contact Michael and Faith today to obtain your organization's portion of the billions of grant dollars awarded annually to meet the needs of nonprofit and extend the reach of your organization’s services. 

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