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Michael M. Thomas

Michael M. Thomas is the co-owner of M&F Consulting LLC and a certified transformation life coach, motivational speaker, author, and licensed minister. Mr. Thomas has been active in providing services for groups and philanthropic leaders for over 20 years where he inspires and energizes diverse congregations, and provides training for novice and experienced organizations to grow and excel. Mr. Thomas masterfully relates self-development, personal instinct, and strategic planning to address marketplace needs with innovative solutions. After receiving a Bachelors's degree from the Jacksonville Theological Bible College, Mr. Thomas dedicated his life to helping others achieve their highest potential, which quickly grew into assisting leaders in developing themselves and their teams to maximize their potential. His specialty includes deep provocative thinking, volunteer expansion, quantitative measurement, demographic research, multi-dimensional fundraising, and technology training. Michael Thomas is the co-founder and Executive Director of Propel Forward, Inc. and has previously worked for Business Development & Consultants Group, LLC where he was the lead agent for the Southeast Region of the nation with a concentration in non-profit consultation, grant writing, and technology media support. There Mr. Thomas and his team helped organizations develop strategies, methods, and procedures, that propelled dreams and visionary plans into tangible lasting results.

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